With 2017 finally here, if you’re not an established marketer yet, one of the things to ask yourself is if you should focus on your marketing career as a specialist or generalist. But what exactly do these terms mean? As a Specialist, you have professional expertise in one particular area of your chosen field.

As a generalist, on the other hand, you take on a more versatile role by having enough knowledge in more than one area allowing you to effectively take on several tasks within an organization.

Marketing generalists wear several hats, simply put “generalists are really good multitaskers”. SMB’s and Start-ups normally benefit more from generalists because they are able to contribute to several areas within the business or marketing department.

Choosing which path to take ultimately has a lot to do with your strengths, personality and your style of workflow.

Within the last couple of years, we have seen marketing professions evolve into several different areas and with marketing tools changing rapidly, it’s beneficial for both generalists and specialists to spend some time becoming familiar with all marketing trending topics and technologies.

Personally, I consider myself more of a generalist. I want to know enough design, branding, social media, and strategy because I feel it aligns well with my future goals. But I also believe that “specialists are extremely valuable and play a major role in effectively executing specific objectives for a business”.

And perhaps there should be a new category labeled “Specialist-Generalist” for marketers and other professionals that are truly specialized but can perform well in other areas as well. I am sure there are many out there!

So, with that I leave you pondering.  Are you a marketing specialist or generalist?

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