So, my post title caught your attention? Maybe I just have good SEO? Or chances are that if you’re reading this you have landed an interview with GOOGLE and have no idea what to expect during you fist phone screening with one of their recruiters, OR maybe you are one of the lucky few that landed a onsite interview and are trying to gather as much insight to their on site interviewing process from past candidates and if so, CONGRATULATIONS. Google only hires top talent, the fact that you’ve landed an interview means you potentially have what they are looking for and that’s a pretty big deal.

To start off, I signed an NDA, also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement. So I can’t fully go into details of their interview process, but I can certainly give you a glimpse.

I was thrown into Google’s talent pool in college, while attending a private event that Google recruiters were hosting on campus at my university during my junior year. Out of the top 10% of students in our Business class, 15 of us were selected to attend this super low-key and private information session. We were told not to tell anyone that Google was on campus and were instructed to bring our updated resumes since we would have the opportunity to meet one-on one with Google recruiters after the presentation. I was ecstatic.

Google didn’t reach back out to me until after graduation. I received an email from a recruiter, inviting me to apply for a position. This is how the process goes:

  • You get a phone screen interview.
  • If you pass the phone screen interview, you are then moved to the second round of interviews, a total of 3 interviews over the phone and each lasting around 30 minutes.
  • If you pass those three, you get flown in to one of their campuses for another round of back-to-back interviews.
  • Lastly, you either get an offer, you don’t get an offer, or you decline the offer because you believe there’s something better for you out there, because there really could be!

In my case, I got the phone screen, the recruiter reached back out to me, telling me that they had forgone the 3 phone interviews for their top candidates and I was flown in. I believe that’s as much as I can share for now. But here’s a swanky picture of me hanging out in their Ann Arbor lobby before going inside and spending my day with Googlers and learning more about their company culture.

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