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“Tough to get to. Tougher to explain.”

Marfa, Texas is a creative’s lucid dream. An Art Mecca and a heaven for creative types. This is the place you come to for that much needed “Think outside the box” inspiration.

The remote location of Marfa makes it extremely hard to get to. It was an 8 hour trek for me. But once you’re there you absolutely get it. The remoteness, the way in which the roads, small houses, all blend in perfectly well with the dusty landscapes, galleries, boutiques and coffee shops. Marfa just looks like art.

El Cosmico

Omayra Escobar_El Cosmico1

In order to fully experience Marfa, you must stay at least one night at El Cosmico, where you can choose from three different accommodation options: a safari tent, a teepee or a vintage trailer. I chose the safari tent which comes fully equipped with a queen size bed, night lamps, plenty of outlets to charge your devices, a desk and a fully stocked mini-bar.

The highlight of spending the night here, was stepping out of my tent in the middle of the night and gazing up at the fully lit sky. Prepare yourself to see the stars and milky way galaxy in all their splendor. A view that a fully lit city could never give you, just pure magic.

Marfa Burrito

Omayra Escobar_Marfa Burrito

Stepping into Marfa Burrito is like walking into a humble mom and pop shop in Mexico, except that instead of being in Mexico, you are in a small town in West Texas. Despite its small and seemingly unassuming feel at first sight, Marfa Burrito is a true gem. Much so that my dream dinner guest, Anthony Bourdain has been there. Once inside, you can see one of the walls filled with framed pictures of all the A list celebrities that have also stopped by like Mathew McConaughey, Kevin Bacon and Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk). There is a variety of different burritos to choose from and all are deliciously made with fresh tortillas and salsa. Just be ready to brush up on your Spanish since Ramona and her staff mostly speak Español.

If you happen to be staying at El Cosmico, Marfa Burrito is located on the same main road and only about a minute away. But everything in Marfa is within blocks of each other, since the town is compact.

Prada Marfa

Omayra Escobar-Marfa_Prada

Located on the outskirts of the tiny town of Valentine (population: 127 according to the latest 2017 census)  is the now pop-cultural landmark of Prada Marfa, designed by artists Elmgreen & Dragset and installed in 2005. The art project was also a collaboration with Ballroom Marfa and Art Production Fund (both nonprofit cultural organizations).

This is perhaps the only Prada store which you will go to without having to break the bank. The doors are sealed and the merchandise inside, valued at over $80K, is inaccessible.

You come here for the view, which is completely surreal.


Omayra Escobar-James Dean Marfa

Just miles from Marfa and heading West on Highway 90, you will stumble upon the latest and larger-than-life mural that blends perfectly well against the West Texas desert. The mural is a homage to James Dean’s character, Jett Rink from the movie Giant which was filmed in Marfa in 1956. All I can say is “What a sight”!

This magnificent piece is the work of muralist John Cerney. It is rumored that this mural is not complete and the likeness of Liz Taylor will also be featured with more scenes from the movie. The installation comes to life with music blaring from the the radio of the 1951 Ford. As you walk closer, you can also see the solar panel that makes it possible for Michael Nesmith’s song to continuously play in the background. This is a MUST SEE!

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