Every year tulips season tends to be VERY short (late February to mid-April), and like most things in life, if you don’t catch them at the right time, well, you might end up missing them!

Luckily for me, I visited the Texas-Tulips Farm early in the season this year, and the trip was amazing.

I made one major rookie mistake, and that was wearing my $300 pair of white Coach sneakers.

So, I’m giving you only ONE major piece of advice before you plan your trip to a tulips field: Wear shoes that you do not care if they get muddy because tulips need a moist planting site/soil to grow and that’s all that matters. Oh, it also gets quite windy, so dress accordingly.

Overall, the trip was incredible, and I highly recommend ya’ll to experience it too!

Picnic table

Omayra Escobar
Omayra Escobar

Let’s go places we’ve never been before

Tulips basking in the sun

Omayra Escobar

Chasing the sun

Omayra Escobar

Field of dreams

Omayra Escobar

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