A curious girl, a wanderer.

I am a Dallas based marketer and content creator. Super passionate about all things related to technology, social media, marketing, branding, creating content and engagement. Also a firm believer in creating deep and meaningful relationships with prospects, clients and friends alike.

I often take photos on Instagram and have a healthy obsession with coffee. I’m passionately curious and always on the lookout for the next challenge and adventure.

In my current day job, I’m part of a tight-knit, talented and dedicated in-house marketing team driven by measured results. My role as the Senior Marketing & Events Manager is to oversee all aspects of over 200 trade shows and conferences, maximizing and measuring each event’s ROI, lead gen and advertising potential. I’m a marketing generalist and as such, have experience with WordPress, CSS, HTML, SEO, Google Analytics, Salesforce and Pardot.

Want to hire me or pick my brain to learn more about my professional background? Let’s connect via LinkedIn or drop me a message on my contact form.