Lexipol Connect 2021

Virtual User Group Conference

Adding to my list of successful virtual conferences is Lexipol’s second annual user group conference. Due to the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic we decided to go virtual again in 2021. The event produced on September 8th, was a 4.5 hours semi-live online event hosting industry experts, keynote speakers and interactive solutions exhibitor booths all in one convenient online setting. With the objective of bringing together a national community of Lexipol’s users and prospects to increase membership volume and provide thought leadership, our conference hosting strategy achieved excellent attendance and resource sharing in an environment that reflected a real-world physical convention without the expensive price tag of producing a live event.

The Results Recap

Lexipol’s second annual virtual user group conference was a smashing success buzzing with visitors, keynote speaker sessions, and attendees taking full advantage of the outstanding networking opportunities. With Lexipol’s solutions booths in the exhibit hall attracting most traffic in the chat rooms, the attendees were very happy to be able to be part of a conference that was effortless to attend, and facilitated excellent content sharing including webinar sessions available on-demand after the conference ended. Incorporation of incentives such as sponsored prizes through the leader-board game made the event all the more exciting to attend, meanwhile the general chat area took audience engagement to the next level as added proof of the virtual event strategy paying off in leaps and bounds.  

  • Total Attendees Registered: 4300+
  • Logged In Users: 2500+
  • Total Booth Visits: 6000+
  • Total Video Plays: 2600+
  • Total Document Downloads: 13000+

Strategy and Functionality Solutions


Lounge and Chat-rooms


Exhibit Hall

With a large number of product offerings to showcase, the virtual event hosting platform allowed us to present attendees with a dedicated exhibitor hall filled with branded booths for each of Lexipol’s solutions designed specifically for leaders across public safety agencies and local government.

From Online training to Wellness resources, the booths were strategically set up to streamline attendee engagement and increase communications with customers and prospects. Offering video content, detailed product descriptions, links to social pages, live booth chats with customer success, sales teams and more – promoting Lexipol’s unique policy solutions offerings was a big success on event day.

Information Desk and Resources Center

A highly responsive information desk to resolve and cater to questions from visitors, thus ensuring a positive event experience for all.

The Resources Center” provided access to multimedia content including case studies, one-sheets and videos that attendees could add to their virtual swag bag and send directly to their inbox after the conference.

Leader Board Game

Lexipol Connect 2020

Virtual User Group Conference

When designing Lexipol’s Connect 2020 User Group Conference, we wanted to give attendees an interactive experience in a virtual environment that would feature many of the benefits of a physical conference and exhibition. The finished environment featured a lobby, exhibit hall, resources room, auditorium, networking rooms, information desk and an interactive gamification component; the leader board game.


Attendees arrived in the animated lobby where they were greeted by a “Welcome” pop-up video that featured many familiar Lexipol faces that our customers recognized from our customer support, professional services and sales teams. Through the lobby area, attendees were granted access to the different rooms within the virtual venue.

Exhibit Hall

In the exhibit hall attendees were able to visit Lexipol’s product and digital communities booths as well as visit the booth spaces of our top advertisers, Motorola, CraddlePoint, Axon and MSA.


Through the conference auditorium, attendees were able to view the opening keynote, live sessions with industry leaders and experts and access the educational on-demand tracks.

Information Desk

The information desk is where attendees came to for technical support, additional resources and questions.